happy birthday bret

it was my brother’s birthday yesterday. bret is the best brother that anyone could have. he should play bass more often though. here he is in action, playing some sick wah bass on the track “dystopia” from the record he made possible, “full range”. pete finestone on drums. (FUCK! where’s my wikipedia page?)







7 responses to “happy birthday bret”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Too bad you missed a great party………..Happy b-day to Bret!

  2. lou Avatar

    i agree, bret is the best brother anyone could ever have. That’s why you need to move down to l.a. and be closer to him and all your shallow, morally atypical friends.

    BTW, love the RATM/Lenny Kravitz tune.

  3. bret Avatar

    yeah, you should move down here

  4. gimaha Avatar

    i like your new format………..yeah, you should move down here……..Find a place around Port Hueneme where you could have a boat………Come on down and stay here while you look for possibilities……or stay with Bret and explore the area around the marina……………Life is full of possibilities just find em!

  5. t Avatar

    yup, move down, definitely

  6. eric Avatar

    as i recall, i left LA because i was tired of it.

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