and one more

did this one with tony on july 2. there is some cool stuff in there, a melodica, this weird slavic-looking banjo thing whose name escapes me, and this casio:


my old steinway and the vibe of ojai have transported me to some vague distant past that never happened, with warren zevon, waddy wachtel , and some 70’s california rockers taking a last toot, draining the lime daquiris, throwing their hands up in the air, declaring connectedness-bankruptcy, untethering from the intarwabs, and going AFK until… Continue reading AFK

flying video

UPDATE: I PULLED THE VIDEO TO RECUT IT. SHOULD BE BACK UP SOON. i finished the video of phil and i flying out of oakland and barnstorming various bay area landmarks. i think it turned out pretty cool. you get to see a lot of the places that the boate visited from a completely different… Continue reading flying video

a good sunday

liz came over and we worked on some of the recordings we have been tracking. things really gelled well on a couple of them today, we are at the end of the process, adding things really carefully for flavor. it’s amazing how much of a difference little tweaks here and there can make to songs.… Continue reading a good sunday

hobo’s lullaby

i was sitting here just now strumming the guitar and saw a dvd that i am going to watch soon, bound for glory, about woody guthrie. i remembered one of my favorite songs that guthrie sang, hobo’s lullaby, pulled up the lyrics on the computer, set the microphone in front of myself and this is… Continue reading hobo’s lullaby

to protect the innocence

to protect the innocence is the provisional title for a work in progress (mp3). i watched fellini’s 8 1/2 a couple weeks ago, and there is a great scene where guido’s (marcello mastroianni) stunningly beautiful wife luisa (anouk aimie) calls him on his shit for writing about their relationship and putting it up on the… Continue reading to protect the innocence

out of my own way

i wrote and tracked some vocals to the song that i recorded last week. it’s called out of my own way (mp3). i didn’t really mix it, sorta slapped it together, but i think most of the parts are there. out of my own way words rush by and i try to make sense of… Continue reading out of my own way

another song without lyrics yet

i recorded another song tonight. for tonight it’s called march forth (mp3). my settings on the master fader are a little…hot. it’s not distorting too much, but i have the overall signal squeezing TIGHT against the final limiter. not bad for six hours work. TURN IT UP LOUD.

cat cover

i wanted to sing a cat stevens song the other day, so i did a google search for the lyrics and wound up on his site. there is an area where fans submit their cover versions of his songs, so i recorded into white tonight. my dad was the production designer on harold and maude,… Continue reading cat cover

200% more guitar

my brother complained that the guitar riff in “why and why not” needed something more. i’m a little out of practice, but i think i gave it. now it needs a real drummer. please listen to this at an extreme sound pressure level.

why and why not

so i tracked some vox for the song i came up with last night. give it a listen. it’s about my favorite parable by kafka and phil’s theory that the man from the country awaiting entry could have passed through the gate to the law at any time, and it was only fear that caused… Continue reading why and why not