work in progress songs

(and when i say work in progress i mean it. i put these up here as i work on them, incomplete or no.)

i am no longer updating this page, you can get to the songs and videos here. or you can add my music and videos to your itunes.
to protect the innocence

out of my own way

volatility (working title)

why and why not

15 minutes on a train

late night, it’s quiet

supers are the new meat market

may 29th 2005

diner in the city

western swagger

stonehenge outtake

lyricless fragment

the list:

dark and stormy

stellar profile

old chestnut tunes

free man
weather we’ll see

cover songs

hobo’s lullaby

funny how time slips away

into white


One response to “music”

  1. Ru Avatar

    music rules. i dig western swagger.

    seeing how productive you have been is inspiring. i guess i will have to do a toon 2day. i have been feling pretty vampiric and this will probably be where i go.

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