ok, feed on this (now works in itunes!)

today i decided that i wanted a definitive music and video feed for this site. it took some doing, especially because the internet archive changed their url structure recently, but here it is:

drag this link into your itunes podcast feeds window

if you are using some other media browser, you should be able to cut and paste that link into your subscription window.

in itunes (i’ve tested it successfully on the latest version, 4.9), you should go to your preferences window for podcasts and tell it to “keep all episodes” if you want to hang onto all the songs and video. the videos all play in itunes, if you aren’t seeing the video you need to change your itunes preferences under “advanced” to play the videos in a separate window, or however you want to do it.

so there you have it. every song and video i have put up on the site, in your itunes. i think i am missing a few, but what the hell, there’s a start. and now, every time i put something up here, if you’ve subscribed, you’ll automagically download it!






2 responses to “ok, feed on this (now works in itunes!)”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    That works well.

  2. eric Avatar

    ok that’s good to know. it passes the “mom test”. so, if you are having trouble making it work, just know that my mom was able to do it NO PROBLEM.

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