current user: full range

this is the record that bret, pete, and i did in the late 90s.

Current User: Old Cassette Demo

i found an old cassette demo that we recorded with current user back in….1992? something like that. i digitized it and threw a little compression on it. the oxide on the tape is a little pitted in some places, so there are dropouts, but it’s cool to listen to this stuff after so many years. no protools, no computers. 8 track tascam 388 mixed to cassette. one of my brother’s wishes was that more of his “superfine bass lines” would be shared more broadly with the world, so this is a good start.

bret haller – bass | craig levitz (irwin) – drums | anthony wilson – guitar & vox | eric haller -guitar & vox

so, i am back here goofing around

i am tinkering again with wordpress and publishing etc. and so if you are visiting, you may experience some work in progress site changes. man, i am really questioning the wisdom of having echoed my tweets to the site for months. luckily they can probably be filtered and deleted fairly easily.

sunday pipa water

my mom and i are enjoying a glass of pipa (young coconut) water from the garden this morning. i’m pretty sure this is the first year that the coconut palms that rami and larissa planted have fruited in the 4 or so that i have lived in the house, so this is a very satisfying drink. i sliced the refrigerated coconut open and got a yield of probably 400 ml of seriously refreshing water.

the first pipa to come from my garden
the first pipa to come from my garden

warming up for christmas

actually, it’s really cold in the south caribbean right now, and raining non-stop, and christmas is upon us. tonight, for christmas eve plan b will be waiting for santa at the most dangerous bar in puerto viejo, tex mex, and tomorrow my mom and i are off to a christmas dinner at geckoes lodge, to join two of the most gracious hosts i know, tom and zoe. last night master key performed at charlie wanger’s puerto viejo multicentro, and brought charlene stewart and imani campbell with them. charlene stewart has an *incredible* voice, and imani is an up and coming star under her tutelage. it was an amazing night, a first for puerto viejo, with big national artists coming down to perform.

anyhow, hope everyone around the world is enjoying the holidays, all the best from the caribbean.

master key, charlene stewart, imani campbell perform a christmas concert at the puerto viejo multicentro

….and we’re back

for those of you that were alarmed at the lack of a central clearinghouse for all things eric haller over the past couple of months, i have troubleshot the situation, and it turned out to be a plugin gone horribly wrong the w3 something or other optimizer. we have now returned to the internet, and will begin preparations for our 10 year anniversary…..ummm next april. (actually i think i have been blogging longer, but this will be 10 years on wordpress).

adjusting the firehose again

this is not a new topic whatsoever, but just reading this article, How to Boost Your Reading Comprehension by Reading Smarter and More Conscientiously, reminded me that i should reevaluate my reading habits for the new year. when i first moved to costa rica i ratcheted DOWN radically on the amount of stuff i was plowing through, the amount of feeds i followed, the twitter, etc. but over the last five years i have slowly but surely added more and more, and a lot of my time now is divided between spanish and english. i have a lot of interests, and i probably need to trim down. probably a lot. and spend more time at the beach, doing zero reading.