trying out flock

i am posting this from Flock right now. so far i am pretty excited by what i see it can do, principally at this first blush the ability to drag and drop flickr photos into blog posts. the implementation of this feature looks really smooth. i am a little wary about using the rss aggregator features. i tried using safari rss and it was a pretty weak experience that also got me banned temporarily from some feeds because my netnewswire and safari were pinging a little too enthusiastically.
the shelf feature seems pretty cool, although i will have to force myself to use it i think. it allows you to drag URLs and images and other content into a storage window, presumably to use later in blog posts, although i suppose it could be useful for hooking up a presentation or building a stack. net news wire has a notebook feature which i have not really used, but maybe this one, incorporated into the browser, will be different.

i have set flock as my default browser. i sometimes have to force  myself to use new applications in order to figure out whether i want to incorporate them into my normal bag of tools, and nothing says force like making something my default app. this could be the trojan horse to get me using more as well. and here, to test out the picture drag and drop, is a  duck that i saw last christmas:

Flickr Photo

already i wish that you had the option to choose the size of the images you drag into a post. or maybe that option is there and i just haven’t noticed it yet.






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  1. michael butler Avatar

    eric you look great keep doing what your doing say if you ever get out my way i would to see you the old man me

  2. michael butler Avatar

    eric thanks for the respond I’ll read the dally say take a look at this treetment let me know if you would like to read the script…hay can’t seem to att. file let me know how to email you the file me

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