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min jung asked me to shoot some vid at lap pop, and i think it turned out ok, although i dont own a tripod and my arms got tired on a couple of occasions. you can check out the first half of it here. that link is going to change, when i upload the file to my ourmedia page and take it off my mac account, so if you want to link to the movie, link to this post. i have a really cool set from annie lin that i will upload soon as well.
(i left this vid out of my vidcast/podcast feed because it’s a whopper filesize…330MB. it seems to download super fast from my mac account though.

UPDATE: Part 2 of Lap Pop, featuring a set by annie lin, is now up here, but don’t link directly to it because i will be uploading it to my ourmedia account soon.






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  1. […] The video podcast is available care of the Most Amazing Friend EVER ™ Eric Haller yon here. Watch it and see why you absofuckinglootlly gotta come to next LapPop! And yes […]

  2. j Avatar

    where’s the other half?

  3. eric Avatar

    second half is coming, going to compress it tonight and put it up by tomorrow hopefully!

  4. […] s MJ introducing her. Elsewhere, Eric uploaded her set, so all is not lost! He’s got the first part of the show too.

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