busy day

i was cruising hard on multiple simultaneous projects today. i had a half page ad for juxtapoz (for doze green’s show in may) going in illustrator, quicken going to do the state board of equalization’s sales tax payment, land line phone in one hand, internet phone in the other, photoshop open to resize and convert the doze image to cmyk and punch up the color a bit, rss aggregator, camino with the b of a account displayed, ichat, mail, and itunes….and then, the unthinkable. hard system lockup.
luckily i did not lose too much work. but i think i fixed it when i turned off this screensaver that mirrors what the isight is pointed at. because today i updated ichat to the latest version, and my best guess is that the new version started scrapping with that screensaver over who got to play with the toy. or it could be that all those applications were scrapping over every kilobyte of the 768 megs of memory.
i haven’t really been able to beat os x into unresponsiveness without involving my firewire audio box or one of my usb midi devices (in which case it’s pretty easy). hopefully it won’t keep happening. less multithreaded tasking, more focussed on one project maybe. although today, that wasn’t possible.
qoöl was fun tonight, the sound system was really in its stride, causing tingling in the extremities, etc. tomorrow night is ben watt from everything but the girl. it will be madness.
second life was sort of interesting, but mainly seems just like a chat room for slightly doofy goth/burning man types. alberto reminded me today that the new final fantasy, the online version, was released a couple days ago. i told steen his playsatan is coming to live at my place for a while. alberto was going over to the metreon to pick his copy up. final fantasy is one of my favorite game series of all time. although i didn’t play the last one, because i heard it sucked. it comes with a 40gig harddrive. i am trying not to get too excited, as expectations are usually the death-knell for true enjoyment of any experience.
i can’t remember which installment in the series it was, but the best final fantasy was the one that tina and i played together, she is an expert navigator and tactician, and in all ways made that game a truly one of a kind experience. oh yeah, and i think i had some really good weed back then, staying in tina’s apartment in manhattan beach, across from a well-stocked liquor store. it was heaven in gaming, i tell you.
i just checked out the website and didn’t get completely bowled over. but they have CHOCOBOS!!! (bret sent me this photo today. there i am on our rooster at elusive in l.a….coincidence? or the internet gods instructing me to abandon my hubris and accept my true gaming destiny??)







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