i’m just not feeling much tonight. maybe it’s the sudden change of weather. i tried playing everquest. totally boring. i think the problem there is that, although it is supposed to be “massively multiplayer”, i didn’t meet up with any other players in the levels i moved through. so all i did was hack at A.I. monsters. zzzzzzz. i had some vegetables, tofu, and brown rice from lily’s up the street, and watched part of nova on t.v., then decided that i would work on some music. fired up garage band, plugged in the guitar, and tracked three git parts. put some drum loops with them. felt no spark whatsoever. quit garage band. surfed through some rss feeds and some blogs.
took a nice walk through berkeley this afternoon, returning from my second visit in as many weeks to the “clutch mart”, without the truck. the clutch pedal will not maintain pressure, but it is not leaking fluid. both ryan (manager or aforementioned clutch mart) and myself are fairly perplexed by this behavior. my best bet is that the master cylinder that i originally asked him to replace, which is on version 2 right now (the first replacement was defective) needs to be upgraded to version 3. i should probably be careful here, or i will end up at the top of some google search for berkeley and clutch. the toyota hilux is a google magnet. it moved me to number one for berkeley tow on google. whew. it’s moved to the second page now.
i should probably buy a new car at some point this year. not sure what yet, but i think it may be time to lose the sentimental attachment to the vw and the truck, and get something brand new. maybe. then i’ll just have the headache of worrying about it getting scratched or bumped or stolen. jeez, i’m pretty non-committal tonight. maybe i’ll check out this game second life. i should probably just go read. well, at the very least i am going to stop blogging.






3 responses to “bleh”

  1. Mr Ken Avatar
    Mr Ken

    Currently (3/25/04) position #7 on Google for “Berkeley Clutch Mart”. Bret will be happy to know that “Captain Bret” is now at #5. Hehehe.

  2. eric Avatar

    hahahahaha! damn it. the one that really wailed me, and continues to do so, is i wrote about some stupid online i.q. test and now get at least 2 comments a week reporting how other people did on the same test. i like that captain bret one…….bret needs to get his own website, or he will forever have a web presence determined by me.

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