where are the WMD??

i am reminded of chris janney’s favorite expression. “if they were up your ass, you’d know it”. maybe someone should tell dick cheney, because he is still convinced they are going to pull something out of their asses in the course of spending more billions of dollars in the search. david kay is stepping down as the chief arms inspector after making the conclusion that no banned weapons are to be found. and if there was ever someone who was desperately motivated to find something, it was him. it pisses me off that they are spending so much money on a continued fruitless search, rather than admitting they were wrong and calling it off. there are a good many things that piss me off about this administration, and it mostly boils down to the disregard they have for the american public’s ability to discern when they are being manipulated and lied to. and that mostly pisses me off because, to a large extent THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT. apathy is the most corrosive force in a democracy, and it is rampant in this country. shit, most of the time i don’t care either.






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