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  • sunday pipa water

    sunday pipa water

    my mom and i are enjoying a glass of pipa (young coconut) water from the garden this morning. i’m pretty sure this is the first year that the coconut palms that rami and larissa planted have fruited in the 4 or so that i have lived in the house, so this is a very satisfying…

  • banged my head

    banged my head

    a bunch of us went river rafting down the pacuare earlier this week. it was a great trip, with a few class four rapids in there. about halfway through our trip, the guides pulled us ashore to walk up to a waterfall with a little swimhole underneath it. it had been pouring rain all morning,…

  • bocas del toro

    bocas del toro

    i have been playing in a band in costa rica, and earlier this week we all went down to bocas del toro in panama to play a couple of gigs. it was serious fun, and i really loved the area. it’s an archipelago, and so there are lots of boats, docks, water taxis, and the…