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  • the evolution of chatty AI

    Years ago i took an online course in buddhist psychology given by Richard Wright (https://www.openculture.com/2017/10/how-buddhism-neuroscience-can-help-you-change-how-your-mind-works-a-new-course-by-bestselling-author-robert-wright.html). Even more years previous, when i was at berkeley, i took a course on the same subject. But Wright is a really engaging lecturer, and now i find myself reading his seminal work from 1994 The Moral Animal: Why We […]

  • Beach Days with La Puppita

  • wordpress hell

    spent the last 5 hours in wordpress hell on a friend’s site. pages and posts were not updating. weird things were happening. i went straight to phpmysql and started dropping tables. still not clear what the issue was. beginning to suspect the AMP plugin update that was rolled out recently.

  • walaba is back.

    at some point on the old server, walaba.com got hacked, and it looks like someone was able to install a malware plugin into the wordpress. this morning, it’s finally gone. it wasn’t really a priority, obviously…it’s been 5 years or something in disrepair. back then i was thinking that puerto viejo could use a good […]

  • rain, semana santa, troubleshooting

    sitting here listening to the rain at nearly 1 in the morning. semana santa is here, traffic in town is becoming unwieldy. i did a fair amount of online troubleshooting today, worked on a spanish version of la costa de papito’s site, and still wondering what the hell is going on over at walaba.com seems […]

  • the coffee beans are red and ripe

    driving through the hills of heredia today, through the curvy roads bordered by fields of the cafetaleros, i noticed the coffee plants are filled with ripe red coffee beans ready for the harvest.

  • 2018 Relaunch of EricHaller.com

    New host, new backend improvements, all set to kick off 2019 with blazing speed and (possibly) new posts. 

  • current user: full range

    this is the record that bret, pete, and i did in the late 90s.

  • Current User: Old Cassette Demo

    i found an old cassette demo that we recorded with current user back in….1992? something like that. i digitized it and threw a little compression on it. the oxide on the tape is a little pitted in some places, so there are dropouts, but it’s cool to listen to this stuff after so many years. […]

  • so, i am back here goofing around

    i am tinkering again with wordpress and publishing etc. and so if you are visiting, you may experience some work in progress site changes. man, i am really questioning the wisdom of having echoed my tweets to the site for months. luckily they can probably be filtered and deleted fairly easily.

  • Test post from my phone

    Setting up the android WordPress app

  • sunday pipa water

    sunday pipa water

    my mom and i are enjoying a glass of pipa (young coconut) water from the garden this morning. i’m pretty sure this is the first year that the coconut palms that rami and larissa planted have fruited in the 4 or so that i have lived in the house, so this is a very satisfying […]

  • warming up for christmas

    actually, it’s really cold in the south caribbean right now, and raining non-stop, and christmas is upon us. tonight, for christmas eve plan b will be waiting for santa at the most dangerous bar in puerto viejo, tex mex, and tomorrow my mom and i are off to a christmas dinner at geckoes lodge, to […]

  • Fixing a fence http://t.co/Wj…

    Fixing a fence http://t.co/WjJqgOMt

  • 2 stroke mixture perfected, el…

    2 stroke mixture perfected, eliminating stall issue on weedwhacker. this will be a day that plants in my yard curse for years. #motoguada ±a

  • Achiote going strong http://t…

    Achiote going strong http://t.co/0pDN11KW

  • Coffee AND Tea http://t.co/g3…

    Coffee AND Tea http://t.co/g3ITDWdd

  • I just became the mayor of Cas…

    I just became the mayor of Casa de la Cultura on @foursquare! http://t.co/coxV0INM

  • Presentación de Hacienda @ …

    Presentación de Hacienda @ Casa de la Cultura http://t.co/aZugsUef

  • Mandarina / Choconaranja @ D…

    Mandarina / Choconaranja @ Deelite http://t.co/h2dHrsVp

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