apple music

looks like the new itunes represents what apple thinks is the future of online music. i just downloaded it and i’m gonna check it out.
ok i checked it out. it rocks. once they bring the price down a bit, i think it’s theway music will be sold. i disagree with the guy who said $1 is an impulse buy. once record companies become lean enough (and they will either do that or die) then they won’t need to have such a markup to pay for the bloated ditribution/production/a&r machines they have in place today.
oh shit. i just found out that soft cell is not who i was thinking about when looking for a description of my song. what was that band that did deep seated fascination. thats who i was trying to think of.
nice. danny likey came through with the hook up. that band was called human league. tasty. i can stop with obsessing over not knowing who it was.

here’s the official page even

this was the pain

this weekend i was referring to the world of pain i experienced trying to install the pod drivers on my computer at home. well i was also unable to upload a picture to illustrate the pain from home, so here it is from the rig at work. luckily it all turned out happily, although for a while there (as in MANY HOURS of compounded problems) it sucked ass.



check out this one. it’s pure hanging in chinatown with 80’s retro-sluts.

or this is the one that i was discussing in the last entry that has the vox ac30 sound. eventually it will sound like elvis and the attractions banging the go gos with soft cell as the chamber orchestra. (jane weiland must be gay, cause i always thought she was WAY finer than belinda carlisle, and most women that i think are fine are…..)

these mixes are hardcore rough, as is the arrangement. i ran the one file through the ultramaximizer to print it, and the other one went through a ren compressor and then a maximizer. but i didnt do any pre comp eq, or post for that matter, and so they are pretty low endius. turn the bass down! hahaha and it’s me playing the bass not bret. see, i even tell myself to turn down.

driving at night

late night driving is pretty cool after a massive downpour. there is a reason why every cinematographer wants to roll in the water truck for a wetdown on night shoots, even if it makes no sense to the story at all. all the lights look extra cool. i took some time off to go over and hang with chav. we were playing ghost recon, a game we havent really played before. here’s something you don’t want to hear come out of your mouth if you’re a gamer playing in cooperative mode:
“dude did you just throw a grenade at me?” my whole squad got creamed. i’m sure if my mom could figure out how to post comments on this blog (which she as yet cannot), she would ask when i am going to outgrow my adolescence. probably something about grandchildren would be next. but apparently there is some browser issue for her. she clicks on the link to comment and then when the window pops up, there are form text fields for everything *except* for the comment space. she actually asked today if i had configured the site to *specifically* not permit her to post comments. hahahahahahaha. its a pretty good idea though.
the song i tracked today is kinda cool. i think i have to be careful what i play through the vox ac-30 amp model, as in if the riff sounds remotely retro it immediately starts sounding like lenny kravitz jamming on a pepsi commercial. in fact im listening to the track right now, and i have to change the guitar part. i was looking for something more like elvis and the attractions meets soft cell (isnt that who did that “deep seated fascination” song?)
instead it sounds like lenny hanging with the butthole surfers. i guess thats ok, but not really what i was looking for. aw hell it sounds cool. i’ve just been listening to it on a loop for the last 14 hours. there is a cool theme from lawrence of arabia piano thing that i worked into the “bridge”. fuck. i think that used to be a complaint that i heard from a&r dudes. that none of my songs had bridges. hmmm so it must be a coda or something. shit its already 3 in the morning.
so of course i rebooted in osx to up a couple of mp3’s to the site. man this is pure crap. i need to get dsl. (and no i am not referring to the acronym of a sexual nature). 1.3 kb/sec….ok i guess i’ll just leave it cruising and go to sleep, just like in the old days, just queue up a bunch of files and snooze. ok now its 3:41. i am no longer allowed to drink coffee past 10pm.
ok if those files are upped in the morning it will be a miracle. netwiz is a seriously kick happy isp.


ok this is pretty funny. iraq *may have to* privatise its oil industry and leave opec in order to create the revenue it needs to rebuild. HAHAHAHA! are we trying to be the most popular crusaders in the middle east or what?


after a lot, and i mean a lot, of pain, (most of it needless, like not having the right version of stuffit compounded by an installer download that looked ok to the system and yet was in fact corrupted, not to mention the failed initial firmware update on the pod), the pod is hooked up as an asio device through the usb port!!
the integration is pure tastefulness, although it seems like there is a bit of confusion going on in the form of stuttering, and the thing just outright crashed a while ago. playback comes out through the headphone jack of the pod, and the thing has a 48k clock!!!! FUCK I AM READY FOR LAPTOP ACTION!!!! i haven’t tried hooking both the midisport and the pod up at the same time, i have a feeling that will be a ranking full stop. (shutdownicus). but so far, just goofing around a printing a git and a basss track, i am pretty psyched. ugggh this monitor makes a RAUCOUS buzz through the pickups though, and with the tasty quality of the digital input, you can really notice it.
well shit, i am psyched.
hey this mozillla isnt that bad, except for a lot of aliased fonts, and im not psyched about how it doesnt auto search for names like safari does. it always wants to get you to netscapes cheesy and massive (on 56k) portal site. but otherwise its kind of cool. and it has irc built in, which is pretty cool, because i havent really fucked around with it and now i might. and it has tabbed browsing, which im really excited about.

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Thomas Jefferson

this is

hardcore beta shit. the midi dump just completed with an invalid code error. which means now the pods firmware is corrupted. ok i wasn’t joking about the pain apparently. the pod is now officially plug-n-get-mad.
oh yeah. that workaround for reason/software synths didn’t work either. not a whole lot of love going down here at sac terrace tonight. but the stuff i have tracked already sounds good…..maybe i’ll put some mp3s up on a while.
this sucks. ok i got the pod software restored, and now the MAC INSTALLER is not working tastefully. i wonder if it has to do with the fact that i have an international english version of os 9 on here (courtesy of phil) that i CANT update. piss. ok time for a reboot in osx. fuck.

rock and blog

im cruising mozilla now, and downloading the latest firmware updates for the pods. this is going to be a little stressful, cause im already getting excited about synching panning and tremolo to tracks, but i still am seeing a lot of disclaimer regarding the new pod interface and macs, along with a specific warning about the midisport 2×2 that i own. this already leads me to believe that it will be a night of tech followed by no tasteful guitar work. they also said something about the usb port working “at some point” or is that what im dloading? hmmmmm ok, download complete, time for pain. mebbe i can fry both the pods attempting to upgrade their firmware.
ADDENDA: ok this looks hardcore BETA

sound test

here’s where i read about the cops doing a sound test:
3-Apr-2001 (tue) from that dude’s blog

this is the part that really scared the shit out of me:

“You will recall that the fact that we failed our noise abatement test in February of 2000 was the reason we went down this remodeling rathole in the first place. Our original plan was: level the dance floor; move the downstairs bar; remodel the bathrooms; open for business. We thought, “how long could that possibly take? Two months? Let’s go crazy, let’s call it three.”

But then we didn’t pass our noise abatement inspection (keeping in mind that until that very week, the club had been operating for the last twenty-three years) but since I was a new owner, they made me get new permits, which required a new noise abatement inspection. ”

we are, as has been established by lt. schlotz of the sfpd permit unit, applying for a new Place of Entertainment permit. and i guess we have sort of gone along with that determination, seeing as i cut the check representing the difference between the fee for an amendment and the fee for a new permit last week. if her determination is based on the concept of just getting some more application money out of us, we should be loving it. if her determination is an attempt to open the door to a complete reevaluation of the gallery’s compliance, there is sure to be (as ming likes to put it when he is plowed) a thumb, a big fat hairy thumb, probing the depths of our collective ani (or is that anuses?)

his journal is really cool. i have read most of it, and its funny as shit, or at least a lot of it is. i’ll prolly fire off an email to the guy in the next couple of days.
im about done thinking about the gallery for a while, i am soon going to restart this thing in system 9 and work on some tunes for the rest of the afternoon and evening. first however, i am downloading a browser to install in os 9. i started off dloading internet explorer, but then thought better of having multiple versions of microsoft products on this machine. so now im getting mozilla for os 9. this should alleviate some of the inconvenience i experienced last week, having to reboot into osx in order to surf for tech support questions.

jondi had a few suggestions at qoˆl regarding the software synth/reason/rewire conflicts that i was having last week, and i am going to try to fuck around with the channel settings in cubase. we’ll see how that turns out. sometimes adversity is the mother of invention. (or is that pure hating it).

what’s the best deal on dsl? i guess i should finally get it at this apartment, cause it looks like the real estate market in the bay area is not going to cool off (to the point where i want to buy), for at least the next 6 months. i just spotted a pack of cigs that ron left out on my balcony. marlboro lights. well at least he’s looking out for my health. no way im gonna smoke those things.