a trader blows up

here is video from the guy at high probability blog. he took a long futures position and watched it blow up. warning, MUCH salty language ensues. i feel this guy’s pain.

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jim cramer again

i have been stuck at rio negro all day watching another shitty day for the market. jim cramer delivered another rant today. he calls out the financials. definitely worth a look.

taking some pain

brett steenbarger has a post up talking about why he does his taxes by hand. i have done the same thing over the last couple of years, for the same reasons he describes. My favorite form of performance review is also my most painful. Every year I complete my income taxes–by hand. That means that… Continue reading taking some pain

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bad retail data

barry ritholtz reports that the actual sales numbers from black friday weekend are coming in, and they aren’t quite the ~+20% y.o.y. survey numbers that the NRF was pushing. from the wall street journal post: It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, but let’s go to the scoreboard… Continue reading bad retail data

senate subcommittee report on oil price manipulation

“Ironically, hedge funds trading oil are not doing anything very different than the large investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, or Morgan Stanley already do.  The proprietary trading desks of these and other large investment banks are actually ‘hedge funds in drag,’ just as Enron was.” –Peter C. Fusaro and Gary M.… Continue reading senate subcommittee report on oil price manipulation

more about stocks

a friend IMed me the other day asking why i feel compelled to publish information about what i am buying and selling. she is a finance professional, so i took her concerns seriously. that conversation was the impetus behind putting the disclaimer up there in the tabs. there are a couple of compelling reasons behind… Continue reading more about stocks


i added a stock disclaimer tab up there. read it, learn it, live by it.

oil safari

here’s an interesting project  by paul salopek, a pulitzer prize winning reporter who traces a gallon of gasoline in a chicago suburb to its origins in the oil wells of the world.  (via bill cara).  no commentary here other than i did take some profit on PWE (NYSE: PWE) a few days ago, as i… Continue reading oil safari

stock busters

sharesleuth, the new blog dedicated to finding stock scams has posted its first analysis of a company, xethanol (XNL) and it’s some entertaining reading!

pump and dump

some idiot is wailing my inbox about 30 times a day with stock spam, the latest for GDKI.PK. here it is over on spamnation. the information available is sketchy, and the yahoo finance chart isn’t printing properly, but the intense pump and dump action needs a bad porn music soundtrack. according to the FAQ over… Continue reading pump and dump


i sold dell today at a 6.8% profit. the more i read about it and talked with people over the weekend, the less excited i was for the trade to become an investment. i wasn’t particularly good with the timing of the sale either, this morning it was up over 8% from where i bought… Continue reading dell

stock category added

i’ve been reading fred wilson’s blog for a while, and just read his post encouraging people to add a category for stocks, and hooked it up here. i like his idea of aggregating these stock related posts somewhere, although being a heavy consumer of stock related feeds i think it would be challenging to make… Continue reading stock category added

bargain hunting

i picked up some yahoo yesterday and some dell today. i added a new yahoo finance badge in the sidebar, if you scroll down a ways, that shows most of the stocks i own. i am not quite at the point where i put it all up there, the number of shares, the performance, etc.,… Continue reading bargain hunting