a fresh tune

i was playing around with the upgraded logic tonight and started a tune. i told myself that i was ONLY going to use loops for a change, as an experiment in composing, but before i knew it i was knee deep in cables, guitars, keyboards, and microphones. i went to see the documentary about haskell wexler last night, and there was a trailer for a steve mcqueen bio before it, and for some reason this tune sounds like a mcqueen/clint eastwood score to me. pump it through some speakers or headphones.

friday afternoon guitar playing video

i finished some stuff i was working on this afternoon and decided i would try strumming something for the cam. i heard this radiohead song on the radio when i was in LA last week, and i remembered listening to it and getting all misty on at least one occasion years ago, so i thought i would play and sing it to see if i could get to the bottom of why it was so moving back then. i might need to use external microphones, the vocals didn’t really cut through the guitar. i just had a listen on headphones and the stereo separation sounds pretty cool.
picking AND grinning

playing hooky

yesterday phil kin and i decided that, having successfully reached hump day, we should spend the afternoon sailing (vid). we tied up at angel island and had sandwiches, then cruised over to tiburon and tied up there and had coffee. we were going to have a drink at sam’s on their deck looking over the dock where the boate was tied, but the waiter told us that we would have to sit elsewhere, as they were only serving dinner on the deck. (there were 30 empty tables). i think, but am not sure, this may have had something to do with my “drink and ditch” joke moments earlier. it would have been pretty tough for the waiter to catch us if we escaped on the boate, parked about 15 yards away from the table we wanted. but it was pure stupidity to shut down three thirsty boaters, in my opinion.
there was ONE other person on angel island that was not a park ranger. it was extra cool.

sunday’s video

i have uploaded the video of yesterday’s sail to angel island. it also turns into an interesting comparison of compression formats, at least if you have the latest version of quicktime. if you are on a mac and have QT 7 installed, you can watch the vastly superior and smaller file-sized(7.5MB) H.264 version. if you are on a windows machine and have the latest version of QT for windows (6.5 as of this writing) you can check out the larger file-sized (8.6MB), smaller screen image MPEG-4 version. the music is a clip from a song i am working on. best listened to on HEADPHONES.

permission granted

joi and i were IMing today, he’s been messing around in garageband, and we decided to make a track together. we were talking about how to go about it, and i said “why don’t you start the car, and i’ll jump in,” something i heard bob dylan say to tom petty on a tape of them drunkenly playing the lounge of a holiday inn one night when they were on tour together.
joi came up with some tracks in garageband, with some lessig soundbites, then flew the track over to my computer, and i loaded it into logic and added some stuff and did a little compressing and EQ. it’s quite different than the acoustic guitar stuff i’ve been working on, and it was a lot of fun. i think we’re going to do more. further info will be at the “permission granted” information clearinghouse (the name for the project).

diner in the city

click here to hear another rough mix coming out of the workshop over here in berkeley. still very rough, but i’m kicking it out the door for now. the lead vocal is a quick pass. i just wanted to get it recorded and live with it a while.

two nights ago i was im’ing late night with mj, and i sent her an mp3 of what i was working on at 2:30 a.m. she did a little free association typing while she was listening to it, and i liked her idea of sitting across from someone in a diner and feeling like a king. so i went with that idea. you may be thinking, what the fuck? nobody dies in this song, nothing blows up, and it’s kind of soft. don’t worry, the rockers are coming up.

“diner in the city”

so many dreams so many desktop themes
the open windows are overwhelming
so many places so many things
so many people to be
let’s call in sick and sell all our shit
and move to a tropical island
imagination running wild
but it doesn’t get better than this

with you
in this booth, in this diner, in this city
it’s the only place on earth for me

so many hours of so many days
i’m just driven to distraction
thinking ahead or looking back
taking me out of the action
tonight i’m not thinking about anything else
except how lucky i am
maybe just a little, a little about the future
because i’d sure like to it again

in this booth, in this diner, in this city
with you
it’s the only place on earth for me