western swagger

this one (click here) is kind of a craigslist missed connection with theme-park character actor cosplay, all played out as a spaghetti western in a convention center somewhere. and of course, some other shit. i originally had our protagonist wishing he could be a klingon next year. “western swagger” i lost none of my swagger… Continue reading western swagger

dark and stormy

this one’s really rough, and i was feeling the limitations of garage band when i tracked it. no way to adjust the click volume in the headphones, and no way to track piano and vox together, so the bleed into the mike is just part of the song now. i read some study today that… Continue reading dark and stormy

i wrote a new song

sort of a comment on all the blog/social software/fuckster stuff going on. i managed to make it a little creepy/obsessive as well. (i guess this is a good point to say this is NOT autobiographical. ok maybe slightly. i feel pretty fucking sexy every time i walk to bart. but the stalker undertone is from… Continue reading i wrote a new song