i got to that place tonight

i got home tonight and picked up the strat. six point five hours later, 4:30 AM, many recorded tracks later, i am listening to a really good song (or at least i *think*. check it out in its roughest state, and listen through to the bridge please). the time flew by, as it always does when all cylinders are firing on music. it’s my form of meditation. now my head is completely clear. or maybe it’s just super late.

speaking of tunes, check out the theme song jane and i did for the 1up show. the extended party mix will come out in a week or so.

new song – 15 minutes on a train

there is something fairly cinematic about looking around a train at night in a thunderstorm with headphones on. especially when you are sitting next to some pretty stranger. i have been listening to quadrophenia lately again, and this is something of a response to the alienation and insanity of jimmy on the 5:15. so check it out. (i’m really not done with it, but for a night’s worth of work i think it shaped into something sort of cool. cool enough to put on the intarweb at least).

fleet week sf airshow 2005

i have now been to three airshows for fleet week in san francsico. the first two times (i can only find one post…) on the boate, and then yesterday on the land. i went over there with my mom, phil, jim and carol. i will say this: it’s not as easy as you would think to shoot these things steadily with a small sony dv cam handheld. but i think that my years of videogame sniper training helps…

video of brickyard cove / seacliff development

i went up to point richmond yesterday to pick up my mainsail, which was in for repairs, and i took along the video camera and shot a little rambling piece about all the building that’s going on up there. this is the first one i have edited with final cut. i tried to keep it pretty rough, this is NOT intended to be hard-hitting comentary, just some obsevations about the place, told stream-of consciousness style.

a new song: supers are the new meat market

i was in trader joe’s on tuesday, thinking about how i’ve read that supermarkets are the new singles meeting places. they certainly have always been a bit of a scene where i grew up, in hollywood. plenty of hot dudes and chicks strolling the aisles looking to be “discovered”. here in berkeley you don’t get much of that, but you more than occasionally will see someone who looks like they dressed to stalk panties rather than stock the pantry. or catch a man rather than buy a ham. you know the ones, leering over the tops of their mirrored sunglasses at the charmin. this song, supers are the new meat market, is for those people.
if you hadn’t heard, mundane is the new punk.

bring in june with a tune

i keep sitting down to make a tune completely out of loops, and each time i fire up the keyboard or a guitar and start playing along. i really dig the hammond and wurlitzer sounds in logic (as well as the bad ass rhodes). come to think of it, all the synths are purely tasteful as well. here is a little snippet of what i worked on tonight. it is two separate worlds slapping against each other, but somehow i think it works, at least for a quickie little session on a hot night, the first of june.