i took another pass at the mixes on a couple of recent songs. actually, i should probably be tracking vocals for real this time, and not just tinkering with the mixes, but here they are so give them a listen. 15 minutes on a train stellar profile diner in the city someone else’s dream ok… Continue reading remixes

a piano tune

seems like the overcoat/train platform/cigarette mood has already struck here in berkeley, and it’s still only august. here’s a rough mix of it.

happy birthday bret

it was my brother’s birthday yesterday. bret is the best brother that anyone could have. he should play bass more often though. here he is in action, playing some sick wah bass on the track “dystopia” from the record he made possible, “full range”. pete finestone on drums. (FUCK! where’s my wikipedia page?)

a fresh tune

i was playing around with the upgraded logic tonight and started a tune. i told myself that i was ONLY going to use loops for a change, as an experiment in composing, but before i knew it i was knee deep in cables, guitars, keyboards, and microphones. i went to see the documentary about haskell… Continue reading a fresh tune

choppy and foggy

it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day on the water when phil and i left my apartment. by the time we reached the marina about eight minutes later, a different story was unfolding. the fog was pushing in fast, wind was high, and the swellls looked formidable. so instead, i shot… Continue reading choppy and foggy

playing hooky

yesterday phil kin and i decided that, having successfully reached hump day, we should spend the afternoon sailing (vid). we tied up at angel island and had sandwiches, then cruised over to tiburon and tied up there and had coffee. we were going to have a drink at sam’s on their deck looking over the… Continue reading playing hooky

singing on the boate

i was trying to figure out why some of citizen x‘s videos of the band massengil aren’t playing on internet archive just now, and i ran across this clip of me playing on the boate a couple weeks back that i thought had vanished into the ether.

sunday’s video

i have uploaded the video of yesterday’s sail to angel island. it also turns into an interesting comparison of compression formats, at least if you have the latest version of quicktime. if you are on a mac and have QT 7 installed, you can watch the vastly superior and smaller file-sized(7.5MB) H.264 version. if you… Continue reading sunday’s video


finally got out on the water today with mj, chris, and glenda. it was an awesome day and many photos were taken and i shot a video.

permission granted

joi and i were IMing today, he’s been messing around in garageband, and we decided to make a track together. we were talking about how to go about it, and i said “why don’t you start the car, and i’ll jump in,” something i heard bob dylan say to tom petty on a tape of… Continue reading permission granted

diner in the city

click here to hear another rough mix coming out of the workshop over here in berkeley. still very rough, but i’m kicking it out the door for now. the lead vocal is a quick pass. i just wanted to get it recorded and live with it a while. two nights ago i was im’ing late… Continue reading diner in the city