if you dont want to read about an arcane music software related post then skip this one. ok im a little sour at the way the cubase and reason versions that i have integrate (or dont as the case may be). reason grabs all the rewire resources at startup, and then cubase cant assign any […]

easter morning

i sure dont remember ever feeling the overwhelming urge to bolt out of bed as early as possible to run out in the yard and find eggs. ive seen the pictures, so i believe that at one time i was practically pissing my pants (probably literally too) to suit up in lederhosen and destroy the […]

varnish and warcraft

just went over to varnish’s opening. the place looks great, they did a sweet job with it. seems like they have everything minna over there. they even got jenny greenberg to design the website and ben jenkins to program it. gabe was bartending, saboo and krishna at the door. ming came through with the snake […]

sorry again

sorry about the still crappy appearance of the site. even though it is only about a day old, it is still pretty much an eyesore. just posted that last post and had a good look at what needs changing, which is basically everything. but im psyched on the fact that it’s up and operational, cruising […]

domain name

the domain name has propogated, and this is now….nice. now i have to get this page looking a little crisper. as in a lot. ron and mark are hanging at sac terrace working off what appear to be brutal hangovers. seems like some kind of publicity campaign needs to be waged against the overall […]


so by the time you are reading this, i probably will have ironed out most of the cosmetic flaws, so i decided to save for posterity’s sake an image of what this thing looks like right now. fuck this is going to be the most mundane website of all time. mebbe i can take up […]


that image deal is cool. what is not cool is fucking around with the templates in moveable type. i wish i could figure out a less laborious way of dealing with these style sheets, by the time i do i will be done with the fucker.