apologies to likey

ok so i was writing away on that last post when i came to the subject of hookers, and thinking that it might be cool to sort of ramble on about it a little bit, when i realized that the minna site post by likey could be sending people over here that i wouldn’t generally type about such things to. so i whaled danny’s post over on minna, and for that im apologising. the way i see it, if you know about this site or happen upon it accidently, so be it. but if yer headed over here expecting to see kelly tunstall’s biography and instead find some middle aged bald dude spouting off about how, if yer gonna go on a bachelor party weekend you should be prepared to go at the thing whole-heartedly, purely shitfaced out of control, breathing mysoginy…..well it’s a little like clicking on a link to disneyland and getting pointed at rotten.com.
well, in any case, my position on hookers is this: i don’t see any harm in youthfully exhuberant indiscretion, (in other words i dont regret what i’ve done). but that being said, everything surrounding the practice of the world’s oldest profession carries a faint lingering odor of pure sleaze, degradation of all involved, not to mention issues of exploitation, slavery, and torture. so, although i may advocate going at a bachelor party fullbore at least once in one’s lifetime, i dont think i need to do it again.


every night when i get back to the east bay and make the walk from the train station to my apartment, there is this black and white cat that hears me coming and cruises out of its house to follow me. the thing is, it keeps coming closer and closer to the stairs before it decides that it has gone a little too far from home. i am starting to get a little paranoid that this cat may, in fact not have a home, and is eying me with an ulterior motive that goes beyond the fact that i pet it.
my friends are off to vegas for a bachelor party. hopefully they’ll behave as monsterously as i have at such occasions in the past. shit the whole purpose of those things is to be a total and utter beast, so that type of crap is out of your system, and you never want to go there again. i myself feel no overwhelming compulsion to go to a brothel ever again, although i have to admit that when i was drinking seriously, the notion came up a lot more.

sf noise abatement

im starting to read up on the sfpd noise abatement unit. the more i read about all this shit, the more i realize the difficulties inherent in SELLING a san francisco night club. it sure as fuck isnt as simple as transferring the liquor license, you have to repermit everything under the new owners name. i just read something about the people who bought DNA, and then spent a lot of police enforced downtime doing construction to satisfy the requirements of the the various city bureaucracies. i am begining to wonder when the last time a noise abatement test was done here at minna. im gonna call ming

beavis and likeyhead

so danny likey posted over on the minna site to come check out the “all male review” (sic). i’ve given danny posting privileges here at this site, and yet apparently he craves the larger audience that the minna site provides, and is now driving that audience over here. there is very little here for those interested in art, dancing, or drinking, so i apologize if you have taken danny’s direction and arrived here confused at the lack of any information appealing to the average minna patron. however there is a rather unflattering pic of myself and danny and steen (plus a couple friends from LA) down the page taken at the minna bar.

sausage fest

ok this site is looking a little dude-centric. im typing this just so that the pictures will move farther down the page. it really hurts to type right now, yesterday i was washing the dishes and somehow managed to jam a fork way up under my middle finger nail. a spider just started walking around on the grape and strawberries on top of my yogurt and granola. i shooed her off there and she headed straight for bret’s flatbed scanner. at least she seems to know where to go that will cause the most stress in my apartment.

im glad to see that the laci petersen slaying has knocked the iraqis off the front page. the situation in iraq is just too complicated now that we’re done kicking the shit out of their army. seeing news reports about them protesting our occupation of their country makes me feel like maybe we should kick the shit out of them some more, until they start acting more grateful. we fucking liberated their asses, and now they’re complaining that they dont have water, electricity and sewage? or statements like this from the news: “As Iraqi Shiite demands for a dominant role in Iraq’s future mount, Bush administration officials say they underestimated the Shiites’ organizational strength and are unprepared to prevent the rise of an anti-American, Islamic fundamentalist government in the country.”

wait, you mean we fucked up the situation EVEN MORE than it already was? (to say nothing of the sheer human toll.) the best that i can say for this administration is that they are at least putting on the pretension of being well-intentioned. giving the benefit of the doubt to these guys is increasingly difficult, unless i am to imagine that they are so blindly optimistic, in some state of religious fervor, and that our intelligence is so utterly flawed that this has been one giant, well meaning FUCK UP. and even that doesnt sound that cool, beacuse that would mean that the country is being run by FUCKING MORONS.

whoops. i think i just unsupported the troops. how long does that whole charade have to last anyway? now they’re just killing “irregulars” are we allowed to question the whole exercise, or are we still tying yellow ribbons around our freedom of speech?

well, its good that the whole laci thing is going to be front page. i would hate to have my sleep troubled by seeing photos of the effects of the “stun and awe” fireworks display.

opening up the…..

…..blog dialog. email me if you want an author account at erichaller.com……
eventually, i plan on creating several more specialized blogs on this site, like the searchable restaurant review, amongst others. if anybody has any good ideas for a blog topic, we can get one up and running in very little time.

new tune

the frustrations of workarounds on the computer aside, i am now listening to the new song i wrote and tracked yesterday, and its purely tasteful. the bass pod is key, as is the git pod. having the all the essential tones at your disposal is unbelievably cool, i can compose with an idea about some dream recording setup and get the sound in seconds. like, what would it be like if i push this over to a vox, or a blackface fender deluxe? its amazing to me how many times i have been pushed in recording situations into what i have come to realize are not my ideal amps. (or at least didnt fit the song that i was playing).

ive got to find some time this sunday to go over to the gallery and experiment with vocals on about 5 of the tracks ive cut over the last few months…..ive got the all important first line for a couple of them, some melodies, but until i can spend some time yelling into a mike i wont really have a complete feel for them.

hmmm somebody posted a comment on my post on the minna blog. i just got the email notifying me of their post. if i understand his post correctly, some ass is wailing me in a condescending tone about not “being one” with the overall minna vibe. check it: here


the abc has processed the application for licensing the expansion over at minna, and the obligatory public notice is on display in the window. now we just have to notify every resident within 500 feet by mail, publish the notcies in the papers, etc. etc.

things are on track to be open again at some point in the future!