every night when i get back to the east bay and make the walk from the train station to my apartment, there is this black and white cat that hears me coming and cruises out of its house to follow me. the thing is, it keeps coming closer and closer to the stairs before it […]

sf noise abatement

im starting to read up on the sfpd noise abatement unit. the more i read about all this shit, the more i realize the difficulties inherent in SELLING a san francisco night club. it sure as fuck isnt as simple as transferring the liquor license, you have to repermit everything under the new owners name. […]

beavis and likeyhead

so danny likey posted over on the minna site to come check out the “all male review” (sic). i’ve given danny posting privileges here at this site, and yet apparently he craves the larger audience that the minna site provides, and is now driving that audience over here. there is very little here for those […]

sausage fest

ok this site is looking a little dude-centric. im typing this just so that the pictures will move farther down the page. it really hurts to type right now, yesterday i was washing the dishes and somehow managed to jam a fork way up under my middle finger nail. a spider just started walking around […]

opening up the…..

… dialog. email me if you want an author account at…… eventually, i plan on creating several more specialized blogs on this site, like the searchable restaurant review, amongst others. if anybody has any good ideas for a blog topic, we can get one up and running in very little time.

new tune

the frustrations of workarounds on the computer aside, i am now listening to the new song i wrote and tracked yesterday, and its purely tasteful. the bass pod is key, as is the git pod. having the all the essential tones at your disposal is unbelievably cool, i can compose with an idea about some […]


the abc has processed the application for licensing the expansion over at minna, and the obligatory public notice is on display in the window. now we just have to notify every resident within 500 feet by mail, publish the notcies in the papers, etc. etc. things are on track to be open again at some […]


if you dont want to read about an arcane music software related post then skip this one. ok im a little sour at the way the cubase and reason versions that i have integrate (or dont as the case may be). reason grabs all the rewire resources at startup, and then cubase cant assign any […]