does it all have to turn to shit?

i just read this essay by cory doctorow. I have generally been feeling more and more disillusioned by my experience on the various platforms I am on, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. I have also been using several AIs, and ruminating about the future of AI in the context of the current “internet landscape”. having an AI assistant that truly works in our best interest seems like an amazing promise, having one that’s working on the advertising business model seems like a much more sophisticated piece of shit akin to those we’re already neck-deep in.

also, it’s early January. so the natural inclination is to evaluate the way we do things, what changes we want to make for the new year. sure, it’s a fairly arbitrary milepost, but it’s there nonetheless. i’m looking at the information firehose and trying to figure out how I can curate it for myself better, how I can limit my exposure to all the stuff that’s not useful, and increase the “high value content” that I read and watch.

that’s about it for this morning, the first Saturday of 2024. there’s a lot running in my head, but a lack of inclination to try to organize it all and spit it out in text. a general feeling of malaise over the internet economy, and a desire to somehow take better control of my experience with it. watched bitconned on Netflix last night, there’s one shitty user experience I avoided.






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