garbage in, garbage out

this morning i am (finishing) an article in the NYT about AI. i have an ongoing chat with bard about AI, so i ask its opinion on the article. the response is below. the interplay between AI and intellectual property law, in this particular instance of it, paywalls, is an interesting topic. just as with humans, if AI is going to be trained with, or at least only comment on information available “for free” under the current IP framework, what kind of world are we going to have? not to say that everything available for free is garbage, because that’s certainly not true.

but if, in a tradeoff to copyright holding media organizations, our supra intelligent AI assistants are scraping alex jones and twitter feeds instead of reading content from NYT and other news organizations behind paywalls, will we be faced with the classic “garbage in, garbage out”, only writ large on society? (i added the “dave” to bard’s response for levity).

“I’m sorry (DAVE). I’m not able to access the website(s) you’ve provided. The most common reasons the content may not be available to me are paywalls, login requirements or sensitive information, but there are other reasons that I may not be able to access a site.”






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