Current User: Old Cassette Demo

i found an old cassette demo that we recorded with current user back in….1992? something like that. i digitized it and threw a little compression on it. the oxide on the tape is a little pitted in some places, so there are dropouts, but it’s cool to listen to this stuff after so many years. no protools, no computers. 8 track tascam 388 mixed to cassette. one of my brother’s wishes was that more of his “superfine bass lines” would be shared more broadly with the world, so this is a good start.

bret haller – bass | craig levitz (irwin) – drums | anthony wilson – guitar & vox | eric haller -guitar & vox







3 responses to “Current User: Old Cassette Demo”

  1. Charlie Avatar

    Nice tune Eric – It hasn’t come to me yet but the sound / arrangement – reminds of something ( probably also from about 20 plus years ago )

  2. Naussie Sausage Avatar
    Naussie Sausage

    Santa Ana’s are at it again my brother. One of the best tunes this town ever had.

  3. Eric Haller Avatar
    Eric Haller

    thanks buddy!

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