no time like the present i guess

i saw this coming from the beginning, and yet i didn’t do anything about it. but i suppose no time like the present to start correcting it. slowly over the past few years, my blogging decreased and my activity on facebook, twitter, forums, etc increased. i was still performing all of my functions as a former-of-opinionations, and chronicler-of a-somewhat-interesting-life, but i was putting all the words in different places, scattered across the interwebs. but primarily, over in that walled-garden of facebook.

so now, if i want to go back a year and see what i was doing, i am stuck with trying to look through old fb status updates or tweets. that sucks shit. i *knew* it would one day probably bother me, and yet i was sucked in, and didn’t explore my options in a meaningful way. i did set up facebook to echo posts from my blog, but continued to just post status updates directly.

time to explore what the best tools are for restoring this blog again as “the central clearinghouse for all things eric haller”.





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