emerging from the storm

it feels like it has been raining here in the caribbean since september. my mom visited then, and it felt like every other day was a downpour, then october november december brought more guests and virtually non-stop rainstorms, flooding, and a feeling of craziness beyond the usual high level for the people who live here. the last couple of days have held promise that the weather will change and we’ll all get to the beach every day, and tourist visitors will return in greater number.

the rain (and honestly, the market) has kept me somewhat unmotivated over the last couple of months. i sat in the bedroom usually, drinking coffee in the mornings, water and tea at night, reading, strumming the guitar, playing world of warcraft sometimes, instant messaging friends, and otherwise hibernating in some form. it felt good to get out of the country last week, even if it was only thirty some odd miles away to panama.

yesterday, a partially sunny day got me out on the beach, and gave me a slight sunburn. today i got out in the yard and swung the machete, chopped up yellowed banana leaves and overgrown stalks of ginger, did some raking, and cleaned up the house. it feels like the stormy season will pass now, and we can move back into weather that makes every day seem like summer vacation. and with the promise of better weather comes the promise of pleasant days and lingering nights getting naked and sweaty.

although the pace of life at times seems unbearably slow here, when i look at the calendar and see how much change has occurred in my life over these past few months i realize that it’s something of an illusion. friendships and love affairs are compressed and intensified, and every week someone who has become a part of the social fabric pulls out their thread, moving onto whatever else they move onto. even before they are packed, their place is taken by someone else stepping off the bus in downtown puerto viejo, with a backpack full of dreams, wide-eyed idealism and plans to stay forever.






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