a day on the internets

i spent the whole day, except for a half hour making breakfast and coffee, and a half hour making dinner, stretched out on the bed with my laptop transfering my web stuff to a new host, and switching all of my email to three IMAP accounts rather than the five (i think, there might have been six) POP accounts. i feel like a dumbass for not having gone IMAP before, but then again i didn’t have that option with my previous host (i think, i could have missed it).

being on the internets for that amount of time, doing miscellaneous mundane tasks, you need occasional breaks. today i took one such interlude by posting in a thread about which cat or dog food is best. there were a lot of people on there talking about fancy expensive organic raw food diets (for pets!!!), and so i tossed off a quick defense of tough, purina eating, no-nonsense jungle (house) cats:

i just buy whatever ground-up-horsemeat kitty-factory-style dry food i can get at the store (i believe right now i have one choice, purina). cats here in costa rica are a dime a dozen, most of them are rail-thin, and they appreciate ANY kind of food you give them. they don’t have the option of being fussy, they have the option of eating what you give them, scrounging, or dying of hunger.

quite frankly, guapo, the cat i inherited from my girlfriend when she moved back to the united states, is probably the happiest, fittest cat i have known. i have a feeling he may be supplementing the dry food with live, wet gecko meat, but usually he just tosses them around until they die and then loses interest. he also likes papaya and yogurt, so he gets some of that occasionally. i think a big key to his health and wellbeing is that i don’t let him lounge around all day. i toss him out in the yard for some exercise if he is getting too snoozy. he also follows me around constantly, so when it is hack-at-the-hibiscus with a machete time, he is in another corner of the yard working over some endangered tropical reptile.

i started to do some googling about pet food a while ago when i accepted responsibility for the cat, and kinda gave up when i realized that guapo was going to be eating whatever was available, and didn’t have the luxury of picking a fancy-lad food. once again, the food in combination with his lifestyle seems to be treating him right.






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