big booming thunder

we have had a lot of rain here for the last week or so, and some spectacular thunderstorms. last night the band played at bistro du port, the new french restaurant in town, and the upstairs lounge flashed brightly, apparently in synch with the music according to at least one somewhat inebriated british tourist. the common joke about all this precipitation is delivered in mock-epiphany voice: “oh THIS is why they call it a RAINforest!”
i am having a slow sunday, drinking some coffee that i bought this week along with a half kilo of fresh peanuts still warm from the roaster in limón. they had two kinds of peanuts that they roasted in their giant chrome machine, criollos and american style. i went with the larger american variety, and it is difficult to describe exactly how good they were.
the drip coffee machine i bought in panama a few months ago died, probably from the fluctuating current, and so now we are back to making it with the traditional costa rican cloth sock filter. earlier this week i bought a liter of whipping cream for cafe con leche and there have been a lot of rich, sweet cups lingered over in the slightly cool rain.






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