bocas del toro

i have been playing in a band in costa rica, and earlier this week we all went down to bocas del toro in panama to play a couple of gigs. it was serious fun, and i really loved the area. it’s an archipelago, and so there are lots of boats, docks, water taxis, and the like. it’s also a sheltered bay, and there are lots of restaurants and bars directly on the water. one bar we went to is built on top of a shipwreck, with a large section of the floor cut out to allow viewing while sipping, and the occasional drunk diver. (a disclaimer sign warns to swim at your own risk, because “everything cut you”).

i really liked it there and joked with everyone that i might move there from costa rica. actually, i am not sure that i was completely joking. for the moment though, i am still enjoying the puerto viejo – manzanillo corridor. today for example i ate fresh carob from the neighbor’s tree, small little finger-bananas from the botanical garden, drank some agua de pipa (water from a young coconut that fell nearby), and i am going to try some mysterious other fruit from the garden later on. i am pretty sure i would not have access to this rich a variety of homegrown stuff out on the islands. although if i did…

here is the water taxi queue at bastimento island, on the undeveloped windward side, a nice surf spot. i was told they shot “survivor” on this island, but since i haven’t seen or know anything about the show, it didn’t give me a point of reference. however, i pass the info on to you tubewatchers out there ๐Ÿ˜‰

water taxis at bastimento






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  1. mary b Avatar

    at least you have all these beautiful pictures that relax my brain after reading all the economic woes posted on the sidebar ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. eric Avatar

    yeah, the link blog is a little grim these days ๐Ÿ™‚

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