ants on the march

a cleaner ant bit me on the leg this morning. it was my wake-up call, and within 20 minutes there were thousands of ants cruising through the house. i got bitten a few more times as i mounted my bike and rode away, leaving the ants to do their cleaning. this happens from time to time, after big rains like we’ve just had. the hormigas migrate around, picking stuff up as they go. when i lived in LA on elusive drive the ants there did a similar thing, seemingly following a path through the decomposed granite that was in use long before the house was built. the duration of the visit was different though. in california, the ants slowly built to a crescendo and then hung out for weeks. from what i understand, the ants here show up suddenly and swiftly. but they also lose interest just as quickly, and are usually gone in a few hours.






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    Mr Ken

    macro photos?

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