i am housesitting while my friend shaun hikes up the big mountain chirripo. it’s an awesome place she designed and has the only bookstore in the vicinity on the first floor. there are blue crabs who slowly inch over to anything that drops into their corner of the yard, before sinking claws into the object and scurrying back to their holes.
i have opened the store the last couple of days, which has been fun. i am sure that every book nerd has entertained the thought of working in a fantastic bookstore, and this one, up off the main road about 300 meters into the jungle, surrounded by tropical plants and flowers, does not disappoint. if you ever make it to puerto viejo, you should definitely stop by echo books and enjoy this place too.

i am going to make an effort to post more often about life here in puerto. i got chided a few times while i was in the states to blog more frequently, so i apologize for dropping the ball.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    and more photographs, too, please!

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