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i rode over to the store earlier in a light rain and returned with four big bags of groceries hanging off the handlebars. i made it back here without bruising any of the fruit, but i forgot coffee filters and something else that i remembered when i walked in the house but have forgotten again. i rinsed off and reused a filter and sat down with a cup of organic cocoa and coffee with a little sugar to read through my RSS feeds. i am sitting on my inflatable mattress in the house listening to NPR’s marketplace podcast, eating a bowl of papaya, banana, watermelon, mango, granola and yogurt.
if the weather is true to form, in an hour or so the rain will let up, the sun will break through the clouds, and i will hop on the bike and roll out the main road stirring up large neon blue morpho butterflies as i ride by. a five minute cruise under the almond trees along the beach will bring me over to rocking j’s, where i’ll find a spot to flip open the laptop and do some interneting for a few hours. i have no plans for tonight. last night was the weekly discussion group i attend at echo books. the topics were edward bernays (my presentation), scientology, and the history of chocolate. tomorrow night our band plays at cafe rio negro, then friday at e’s restaurante at rocking j’s. having two regular weekly gigs and many one-offs have gotten my chops back in shape, and rekindled my love of playing for people. we are playing covers at this point but i now have incentive to write some songs. this is an  area with a unique blend of cultures and musical styles, and i am letting them all sink in as i reinvent my writing.
i fly back to the US in a little less than two weeks. i’ll be there bouncing between LA and ojai for a couple of weeks and then i am coming back here. that’s the latest from costa rica.






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  1. Jackson West Avatar

    Wow, tough duty! I’ll actually be in LA on the 10th through 12th if you’re in town.

  2. b Avatar


    I, however, am sitting at work, pounding through pages of php code that I’ve written in the last few days and trying to abstract a bunch of repetition into some elegant functions. So I’m juicing myself up with non-organic, sugar-added chocolate and caffeinated drinks while my eyes are turning read and starting to bug out from the monitors and florescent lights. I’m psyching myself up to spend a “relaxing” evening tomorrow at Fat City, flooring it to Mojo Apostles and Angry Amputees tunes. Maybe I can talk good ol’ Drinkin’ Dave into chaperoning me – just to temper my excitement a bit.

    Of course, I don’t have to let it all out tomorrow. The A’s home opener is next week, and the booze and meat fest will be in full swing within minutes of the parking lot opening. I’m sure that there’ll be plenty of loud, “intellectual” stimulation from Wickage, the Mercury Brothers, etc. I’ll be lucky to stand upright the next day.

    Go ahead and try to tell me you’d rather be there than here.

  3. Sara Avatar

    i am moving to puerto viejo in 2 weeks…the event at echo books sounds interesting…when does that take place? i will be staying close by to there, across the road from the skate park. what kind of music do you play and where?

  4. Kristy Avatar

    I am indeed enjoying my cherry-blossoming-tulip-bursting-misty-morning northern California…uhhh… stint, …but I’d rather be forgetting coffee filters from the Piripli, than from the overwhelmingly-stocked, overcrowded-parkinglot yippified Whole Foods. And thats why Ill be coming home to Cocles. I missed the scientology report? Lame. So glad to see the family and friends, but now Im going to need a summary and recap about Eddie Bernays (yeah, I like to call him Eddie or sometimes The Edster)to know who he is…or maybe Ill just Google the guy and find out. I miss the music too but, hey, maybe that hummer-limo-Napa-wine-tour on Sunday will stir up some inspiration in me to write a ditty or two. Im not bragging about it until I accually do it. Miss you.

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