life’s been good to me so far

if you had told me when i was 20 that i would spend my 42nd eating a jerk chicken sandwich with gazpacho and a lemonade with fresh ginger in the caribbean, i probably would not have believed you. but that’s just what it has been so far today.






4 responses to “life’s been good to me so far”

  1. lou Kamer Avatar
    lou Kamer

    I did tell you that when you were 20. You must be getting old. :–)

    Happy Birthday, tito. Save me a lemonade

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Well, Eric, when you were very young, I asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. After running through all the endless possibilities on the “occupations” page of the Best Word Book Ever, you would always give it some thought and then announce, “They haven’t invented what I want to be, yet.” I think you rather expected that newly invented occupation to end up in that book because we performed this ritual so often and always with the same results.
    So, there you are in Puerto Viejo reading “I was a Sonic Blaster Guinea Pig”. Life is good! Enjoy the inventing!

  3. Michelle Avatar

    Awww…. happy belated birthday! I was so wrapped up in Praxis’ birthday doings I forgot to wish you one too!

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