jim cramer again

i have been stuck at rio negro all day watching another shitty day for the market. jim cramer delivered another rant today. he calls out the financials. definitely worth a look.







6 responses to “jim cramer again”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    You must be lovin your yen!

  2. citizenx Avatar

    if yer gonna sit around paradise watching stocks tank
    you might as well get a job at citibank in nyc
    and AT LEAST you would be pulling a paycheck

    GO IN THE OCEAN!..forget this shit!

  3. eric Avatar

    sold the yen and didn’t buy back in in november mom. kicking myself a little.

    yeah citx, seems like a good time to just hang out, swim, and be chill. besides, it doesn’t look like citi will be doing any hiring any time soon 😉

  4. Don Park Avatar

    Hang in there, amigo.

  5. eric Avatar

    consoling myself with the fact that i sam mostly in cash and there should be bargains aplenty very soon 😉

  6. Jondi Avatar

    Cramer rocks. “Cancel my gin & tonic!”

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