flight confirmed

i am going back to costa rica on january 8. right now i am in oakland CA typing from under a down comforter. soon enough i will resume posting from a hammock.

the last couple of days i have been to a wedding and a party, and caught up with a lot of my friends. everyone here seems to be working on interesting things, building cool stuff, writing sweet songs, making good art. tonight, thinking of this, i responded to the question of what i do by saying “i am not really sure. my life is a mess. a really pleasant mess, but still kinda a mess”. i need to work on doing things that will help me answer the question with something a bit more interesting in the future. my life is good, i can’t complain. but i can and should probably do more.

i didn’t expect to like it back up here as much as i have. now i am going to fall asleep deciding my plan for the week.






3 responses to “flight confirmed”

  1. Don Park Avatar

    sorry to have missed your visit up here, eric. i’ll catch ya next time. 🙂

  2. eric Avatar

    yeah, i am sure i will be back 😉

  3. b Avatar

    I’ll tell you how to ground yourself… Stop by anytime and 1) change some diapers, 2) lift with mini-g, 3) bring phil for 3-way q3a.

    Actually, “anytime” is fine for (1), g is available most afternoons for (2), and (3) probably requires months of scheduling and several trial runs…I guess that’s my sleepless, “pleasant mess”.

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