mark your calendars

black friday. cyber monday, and now green monday.

…the busiest shopping day of the season it still to come. EBay expects to see higher activity on Green Monday, the second Monday in December, as revenue and shopper traffic on Green Monday have outpaced Cyber Monday for the past few years.

although the name green monday was passed over by (a online retailer trade group) in 2005, when cyber monday was fabricated, maybe environmentalism has enjoyed a bit of resurgence over the last two years. that, and retailers are worried.

The idea was born when a few people at the organization were brainstorming about how to promote online shopping, says Executive Director Scott Silverman, who answered his phone, “Happy Cyber Monday.” They quickly discarded suggestions such as Black Monday (too much like Black Friday), Blue Monday (not very cheery), and Green Monday (too environmentalist), and settled on Cyber Monday. “It’s not the biggest day,” Silverman concedes. “But it was an opportunity to create some consumer excitement.”

The genesis of the concept goes back even further. member Shmuel Gniwisch, chief executive of the online jewelry site, recalls getting an e-mail from last year, suggesting that online retailers come up with their own marketing hook to match Black Friday. “The online guys got together and said, ‘Let’s give people something different,’” he says. “The reality is, we didn’t notice anything special” on the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

(disclosure: i own shares of ebay)[not really sure this is necessary]






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