qualifying day

we went over to the estadio de beisbol (home of the oaxaca guerreros) this morning, then outside the city for qualifying time trials. i spent most of the day with a three-chip camera shooting cars blasting off from the starting line. the amount of horsepower here, and gasoline being burnt, is pretty impressive. oaxaca has a lot of beautiful things about it, and it prides itself on having the best mole around. i had a big plate of pechuga tonight, and it was one of the best i’ve had. more photos are up.

UPDATE: (from bret’s blog)

Congrats to Piloto Kevin Jones and Mark Williams in the Subaru for having the fastest overall time of the day with their 4:33! The fastest historic was Roger Habich and Daryl Habich with their 4:36!

benito and the flag






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  1. cow's_end Avatar

    that dude is pwning

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Wasn’t this guy in Being There?

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