phil is late

i woke up friday and decided to head to san jose with phil and marc to make sure they got on their flights to the states. there was a bit of a mad dash as we rushed to catch the nine o’clock autobus out of puerto viejo, but we made it, with time enough to get some to-go breakfasts for the trip. there was a delay at the policia frontera checkpoint, as the border police checked passports and went through everyone’s bags. this was the first time i had experienced a luggage search in the six or seven trips i have made back and forth to san jose. i had nothing to hide, but i did notice a couple of other people on the bus sweating a little, although it could have just been the tropical heat.
there is more to post about the overnight trip, including what might possibly have been the best steak i have had. but right now i need to pack up the lappie and get some groceries. i spent the day cleaning the house and defrosting the fridge, now it is time to stock it again.






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    Nice photographs of San Jose

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