i got back from taking mom to the airport in san jose a couple of days ago. she really liked it here, after a brief period of adjustment. while i was in SJO i went to a few bookstores and picked up mamita yunai and five or six other books in spanish. mamita yunai is a novel set in this area of costa rica during the ’30s and so far is really interesting, if a little slow going owing to my rusty spanish.

yesterday we went snorkeling off punta uva. the marine life there was pretty incredible looking, and lead us to the conclusion that none of us are really certain why we have not been out there before. i think i might need to invest in a waterproof housing for the camera at some point, but until then, i guess the reader will just have to take my word that it is really stunning amongst the coral, bright colored fish, sea grapes and anemones.






5 responses to “snorkeling”

  1. melina Avatar

    new post please!

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Yeah! Time for an update here!

  3. eric Avatar

    ok ok! 😉

    i will try to get something together tomorrow.

  4. Steen Avatar

    You getting lazy down there mate!

  5. eric Avatar

    nah not lazy mate, just too busy out there amongst the tropical fishes!

    come on down 😉

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