doing a lot of walking

we have been walking around a lot the past few days. mom and i are going to head up to san jose on tuesday for her flight out on wednesday. i think she is enjoying most of her stay here, but i hear things like “you should get a car and a washer and dryer”. she looks pretty comfortable in this shot from yesterday, when we headed down to manzanillo, a fishing village at the end of the road on the caribbean coast of costa rica.
mom at manzanillo






4 responses to “doing a lot of walking”

  1. Marilyn Avatar

    Gi, love the yellow crocs with the yellow boat in the background. You look great there. Have you staked out where you want your casita to be built?

  2. gimaha Avatar

    There are some really great sites around Cocles and Punta Uva……….Oh to have a fortune! Or maybe just a few spare hundred thou!

  3. Liz Avatar

    Hi Eric!! I send you my love! I miss you and Phil..liz xo

  4. Alison Avatar

    The picture in this post reminds me of Mauritius. Did you ever dive their at all.. AMAZING PLACE..

    Love the clarity in your pictures.. they are stunning.. Your blog is a great read too!



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