my mom and phil are here

just got back to cocles with my mom and phil in tow.






5 responses to “my mom and phil are here”

  1. Marilyn Avatar

    Ciao Gi! I see you there. E, did she bring everything you asked for?

  2. macara Avatar

    glad to hear your mom made it there. i hope you enjoy your time. looking forward to hearing some good stories. what about traveling by foot for a while, it looks as though the bike/road are trying to tell you something.

  3. mike butler Avatar
    mike butler

    Say e nice to hear that your mom and my son arived . give them my best and let phil that i will be allright by myself and tell him to look for a place for me your old friend mike

  4. melina Avatar

    Phil has lots of bandaids, but it looks like you may need larger sized bandages? The best product for that kind of wipe out is 3M Nexcare Tegaderm…. I’m sure it’s not readily available there, however. have you been in the salt water yet with the wounds?

  5. eric Avatar

    they seem to be adapting to the environment, after a brief period of adjustment 😉

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