knee owwww
i was cruising along on the bike yesterday with my messenger bag on and a tshirt slung over my shoulder. the shirt started to fly off, and i reached back to grab it, just as i slammed into a pothole that jerked the handlebars away from my other hand. i went down. mostly saved the lappie at the expense of knees, ankle and shoulder, but sustained a pretty good dent in the case.
in other news, things are pretty tranquilo here. mom and phil are flying in to SJO tomorrow, so i will be headed up there to meet them. should be fun.






4 responses to “wipeout”

  1. Marilyn Avatar

    E, please tell me what body part I am looking at.

  2. eric Avatar

    that would be my knee marilyn 😉

  3. Jondi Avatar

    I agree it’s a little ambiguous. Hope you are healing up quickly.

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