cilantro mystery solved; plot in tire mystery thickens

mystery tire and cilantro weed
as i raked the leaves two days ago, i was struck with the same cilantro smell i had noticed during the first rain i experienced here. i pinched a few of the weeds underfoot between my fingers and ascertained that there is one that smells almost exactly the same as cilantro.
also in two day old news, marc returned from puerto viejo with a few wrenches, inner tubes, and a tire pump. it was getting late in the day, so i figured that i would just inflate the back tire on my bike to run a couple of errands, carry the pump with me in case it was a really fast leak, and then attend to replacing the tube the next day. the tire has inexplicably not leaked. my current theory is the valve stem was not seated properly before, and all the air escaped through it.






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