dawn, in the hammock

it is five in the morning, i am up early and stretched out in my hammock with the laptop listening to the rainforest awaken after a night of sporadic and light rain. there are a couple of spots on my back that didn’t get sunscreen and are a slightly burned from two solid hours bodysurfing yesterday, and i have two mosquito bites on my legs that are itching every once in a while, but other than that i cannot complain. moments like this are ripe for introspection, but right now i feel no pressing need to dig deep and spend a bunch of time reflecting on what it is i am doing or where i am going or who i want to be. it comes more naturally here to just live.
the thought just occurred to me to plug into power, and i realized that this particular hammock, on the second floor balcony of a rustic teak log cabin, has a grounded outlet less than a foot away.






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