the bike can’t keep up

the bike can't keep up with me
i guess the bike isn’t up to the furious pedaling i have been giving it. she blew out the rear tire, all the way out in manzanillo, at the end of the road. luckily there was a minivan taxi pulling in and we were able to fit the bikes in for a ride back to playa cocles.






4 responses to “the bike can’t keep up”

  1. Steen Avatar

    I bought exactly the same bike when I was in Santa Teresa. I ended up stripping a lot of the extraneous hardware off. The front carriage basically fell apart after hauling water bottles for a few months and I removed the rest to speed up my ride. Managed to sell it for $20 when I left too!
    BTW…mail me some Lizano would ya!

  2. Marc Avatar

    You can get Salsa Lizano at Super A Foods in Boyle Heights. Southwest corner of 4th and Soto just east of the 5 freeway. Take the 4th St. exit.

  3. Steen Avatar

    Marc where the hell is Boyle Heights?

  4. Marc Avatar

    Boyle Heights is on the eastern edge of downtown L.A. Definitely worth the trip to stock up on the Salsa Lizano.

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