fog city to frog city

jungle love

(above: jungle love restaurant)

a hard rain fell all morning and the sky remained overcast through the afternoon, so there are lots of puddles on the ground. i am guessing this partly explains the explosion of amphibian noisemaking tonight. there are lots of frogs, and they are ribbiting as if this is their last show. it sounds like a bullfrog is instigating, stirring up the frogettes with his deep croaking.
i went downstairs and had a glass of dos pinos liquid yogurt just now, unpacked the fruit i bought at pirripli market after dinner at jungle love, and realized i need to figure out some way to protect my bananas. i had a mango and three bananas in the front basket for the short ride up the hill to the house. most of the distance i walked the bike, because it was super dark tonight and the lamp strapped to my forehead wasn’t providing enough light to make the rocky road safe, not even in a steve-mcqueen-style-on-a-beach-cruiser-without-a-kidney-belt fuck-it-i-think-i-can-feel-my-way-home kind of safe.
my prudence in not riding the distance did not prevent casualties however. i opened up the plastic bag and found that two of three bananas were nearly pulverized, and the few intact segments required immediate consumption. the mango was not the ripest, but it was the only one they had left at the store. this firmness spared the mango from a mashing, but contributed to the misfortune of the bananas.






2 responses to “fog city to frog city”

  1. Don Park Avatar

    Stressful jungle life? ;-p

  2. bret Avatar

    Nice palm tree all fanned out like that.

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