good directions on how to get here

i was just checking out the site for punta mona, “an 85-acre off the grid organic farm and educational retreat center located on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica” and they have a pretty good set of directions for traveling to puerto viejo.






2 responses to “good directions on how to get here”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Thanks! This is good information to have.

  2. lou Avatar

    hey, what’s the bohemian rule on care packages being sent to last-one-on-the-island Survivor Eric? and when is the traditional costa rican wedding where the only words I say to your newly crowned father-in-law are “bebidas” and “george bush muy malo” while your mother-in-law plays checkers and bret has his way with the local bike shop mechanic — who happens to be named missillio.

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