i did laundry today in the kitchen sink using dish soap. then i brought the clothes upstairs and hung them in the morning sun off the back porch railing. i started thinking as i scrubbed my t-shirts that although throwing clothes in a washing machine and walking away seems quicker, it takes more of my time in the form of thought cycles. i put clothes in a machine, and then i start a reminder timer in my head, “need to remember to change the laundry,” that occupies a fair amount of memory. doing laundry by hand is quicker than a machine cycle, for a small load at least, and when the rinse is over and the clothes hung out to dry, you don’t “take your work home with you”. the process is done and you don’t need a mental reminder.

the dryer






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  1. kin Avatar

    Three words: Add More RAM.

  2. eric Avatar


  3. ru Avatar

    It’s also a sort of meditative endeavor…like doing dishes or mopping floors ;). I had o do my laundry by hand when I was a kid, your post brought back some memories.

    what’s with all the spammy comments?

  4. Ramiram Avatar

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