what is it i have forgotten to do?

i am sitting in darkness on the couch at bret and paul’s wondering what loose strings need to be tied. in seven days i will be on a plane and not coming back for at least three months. there is a natural tendency for the mind to run through things that need to be done before embarking on a trip. but i have never done something quite like this, so i am unsure what preparations i need to make. buying a mosquito net here has been suggested.

i think i will go with my initial plan to take very little with me, and just buy crap when i get there if i really have a need.  i might investigate the net just because i assume they are really lightweight. i should probably make a list of activities that require my physical presence in the states and knock them out of the way. i am exhausted and it’s 2 AM, so i will leave all this to tomorrow.






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