mockingbird lullabye

i am sleeping on the couch at paul and bret’s place in venice and a mockingbird perched in a tree outside the window is singing covers of every songbird in the audobon guide. he’s good, very loud, and making it somewhat difficult to sleep. also, he keeps ending the show, only to return 15 minutes later with a whole fresh set, invigorated by the pause.

i could close the window and decrease the volume, but then i wouldn’t have the soft warm ocean air breezing over my face. it’s almost 2, i am tired. let’s call it a night birdy.






3 responses to “mockingbird lullabye”

  1. Don Park Avatar

    Try duct-taping a rubber duck on the tree he sits. The mockingbird will either be scared away or be busy humping the duck.

  2. eric Avatar

    hmmm, there are REAL ducks out on the lawn. maybe i should grab one and throw it up in the tree?

    oh and then early this morning the manmade mockingbird made an appearance – the car alarm.

  3. halle Avatar

    Lately I’ve seen some gardners hang CDs by fishing line around plants as a reflective ‘scarecrow’ type deal.

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