pad in costa rica

marc just sent some pics of the place we are renting in costa rica. it looks like it will be a good place to hang for a while. the house is about 900 meters from playa cocles. i’m getting pretty psyched!
rental pad in costa rica






5 responses to “pad in costa rica”

  1. Jason Avatar

    Fucking nice, ace! I know you’re going mostly offline as part of this, but make sure to post once in a while about your experiences.

  2. eric Avatar

    oh i will! i have pictures of the internet cafe a couple minutes away as well 😉

  3. christian Avatar

    damn, eric, that looks great!

  4. lou Avatar

    sure. now you’re going to costa rica and everything’s in meters. tres euro, tico…forgetting the feet.

  5. willis Avatar

    sweeet! don’t think i can make the bbq tomorrow… i’m flying back from detroit and may be wiped out. if i get a second wine– (oops typo) i mean wind— i’ll show up. if not…. bon voyage and “vai com deus” as they say in brazil…. see you when you get back. peace, wilson

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