apple .mac certificates no longer work with mail.

over the past week i have been intermittently pounding my head into the keyboard trying to figure out why would no longer allow me to encrypt or sign emails. it turns out that at some point the .mac certificates were stripped of their ability to work with mail, and now only function with ichat. it took a loooooong time to find that information.

so if you find yourself trying over and over again to put a digital signature on a contract, and your mac certificate and no longer work like they used to, it seems like the answer is….they no longer work like they used to, and they aren’t going to. (i *guess*. there is scant information out there that i was able to find about this). i eventually fired up a certificate from thawte. here is a walkthrough on how to get it working.

i submitted a request for them to bring back the functionality.






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